The Birth of Natural Symphony

October 2019 I Was In Bali, Indonesia, where i met a woman staying in my hostel who had recently visited the 'Pyramids of Chi' in Ubud, explaining to me how i should make a visit there my next move, and detailing the amazing experience she had just had during a full moon Ceremony at the pyramids. I checked online and found the next day a sound healing was taking place using gongs, didgeridoo's etc. So I booked and attended the sound healing which was amazing and an all-round great experience, although not a mind-blowing experience like my friends had just had. 

After the session finished as I was leaving one of the staff approached me and suggested I return to the pyramid the next day for a private group sound + light healing ceremony where sounds and strobes are used to induce you into dream-like state meditation. I was keen although it meant delaying travel plans as I was due to leave Ubud next morning. 

The next morning my friends continued the trip and left Ubud while I stayed and spent all day making music on the laptop by the pool, in my element, waiting to return to the pyramids. 

As the night came, I started heading back to pyramid of chi, and met the group of around 8 people who I'd be sharing this experience with. We enter the pyramid, in the center of the room is a long tube light with rows of yoga mats placed underneath and the peaceful energy of the pyramid. 

Once everyone was laying under the light, we were instructed to keep our eyes closed and just relax while the light flashes and the music plays 

There would be 3 sets of 20 minutes under the light each with different music being played  

The first 20 minutes under the light with standard ambient music I thought this experience was a bit if gimmick at first, the strobe light was flashing white, but through my eye lids I was seeing extreme geometrical patterns and colors moving like a kaleidoscope, and I was so sure this was within the light somewhere and that it was some sort of trick. 

The second 20 minutes under the light but this time listening to isochronic tones, this time after a few minutes of the strobes trippy colors and patterns I slip into a vacuum like space, unaware of everything just floating in bliss, darkness, silence. After a short moment I begin to hear 100's of distant voices alerting me to check on a friend back home and make his aware that his going to be OK, after this 20 mins ended and we were brought back to a present state I felt tears on my face, and no recollection of crying, just pure realization of the power of this light, the effect of this light had sent me somewhere else this was no gimmick 

I got comfortable again for the last cycle under the light which started and this time I slipped straight into what can only be described as a vision, it was more than a dream, I was there, in this field and this huge tree came forward and teaches me how energy/emotion is transferable not just between humans but through any living thing including animals and plants, I was told " if you're in a mood your low vibration can make everybody around you down, the same way someone extremely happy and bubbly can light up room by walking into it"  

This tree went on to tell me that a nature naturally absorbs humanity's energy output and forces it underground, but as a whole humanity's energy is too low and needs raising. During the rest of this vision I drifted through dream like scenarios of myself using plants and trees to make music, i saw myself on a stage with an orchestra of plants behind me, raising positive vibrations in people and also showing people this unseen connection humans have with nature. 

When the light stopped and we were back in reality the leader of the ceremony asked us if we would share our experiences, I told them I seen myself making music with plants and saving/replanting and helping nature and humanity. 

The guy leading this group tell us that the music we were listening to on this 3rd cycle under the light, was actually being played by a house plant!! Using a machine similar to how I make my music now. As soon I heard this everything mad sense, I realized why it had been made so clear to me to attend the pyramids, and to return, a new path was shown to me. Hearing the plant play its music after what id been show i felt so strong that this is what i was supposed to do now.

After I left the pyramid I took a transfer to return to my friends, in the back on the car the entire way, day dreaming, visualizing and processing what I had to do, bursting with creative ideas, I spoke to my friend who I had received messages for during the second cycle under the light and relayed the messages to him about being calm and trusting the process, letting him know he was going to be alright; he was so surprised how I had got this messaged but told me it was exactly what he needed to hear in that moment. 

For the next months after returning from Bali I spent a while deciding if starting this 'plant music' project was weird, or cool, it was a battle with the ego for a while, and also, I knew this would take a huge amount of time to develop, which I just didn't have. 

Then lock down 1 of lock down I started learning how this works and researching, and building plant machines kits and working with the sounds  

After a few months of showing friends and family what I've been doing their reactions made me confident that actually this project has got some credibility and I would be able to produce my vision in a way that I could raise vibration/awareness. 

Now a little over a year later Natural Symphony has planted over 1100 trees through music sales and is working with Tree Nation to help reforest the earth.


Natural Symphony